Product Design



  • POC: George Turvey
  • Slack: @George Turvey on Slack


Stage 1 and Stage 2 is product ideation and industrial design. For brevity, they are excluded from the process overview.

Stage 3

  • Agency compliance meetings will identify the complexity of the mechanical
  • Engineering requirements.
  • Toleranced prototype layout created on Pro-Engineer or SolidWorks 3-D solid
  • Modeling software, per Hakkei Co. LLC’s specification of the mechanical solution.
  • All components will be verified and finalized.
  • Options for product graphics will be presented and a direction will be chosen.
  • Mechanical layout(s) will provide an efficient, effective, and low cost way to evaluate and check design configuration and function.
  • Engineering is performed on Pro-Engineer or SolidWorks 3-D solid modeling software, which will provide a high level of accuracy and will facilitate quick changes and updates. Additionally, CAD transfer to client or vendor will be complicated and more cost effective. If we use an unknown molder we may incur additional time to develop compatible file transfer for tooling to be done from the Pro-Engineer or SolidWorks 3-D data file. This cost is not included in this proposal.
  • Vendor input will identify the most cost effective solutions and facilitate manufacturing and vendor selection

Stage 4

  • Finalized prototype layout includes all details of each part created on Pro- Engineer or SolidWorks 3-D solid modeling software per Hakkei Co. LLC’s
  • Quality Control Drawings of prototype parts are drawn & checked to commercial standards.
  • Prototype quotations compiled (if contracted). Tooling may be ordered at this time if the schedule requires it.
  • The functional prototype is analyzed and a list of upgrades will be presented to Hakkei Co. LLC. The client will receive the prototype and generate a list as well which will be integrated into the layout during Phase 5.
  • Engineering will be performed on Pro-Engineer or SolidWorks 3D solid modeling software. This will provide a high level of accuracy, simple information transfer, and easy client review and facilitate quick changes and updates
  • Prototype will be tested and changes will be determined from client, EMI Safety, and any other required Agency Compliance

Stage 5

  • Pre-production documentation is checked and released.
  • Vendor questions will be supported and resolved.
  • All manufacturing processes will be supported and details will be resolved to address cost and production simplicity.
  • Review of first article inspection reports and for fit, color, texture, etc.
  • Manufacturing design developments incorporated into documentation.
  • Part and Drawing revision lists will be completed.
  • Assembly Drawings will be completed
  • Manufacturing of the new design begins, enabling scheduling of final testing and delivery to the customer.

Electrical Circuit Design

Internal Applications

  • 3D models should be uploaded in the embedded CAD Manager#. This provides visibility for team members who do not have CAD software configured on their local machines.
  • Both electronics and mechanical datasheets can be managed in CrocDoc Manager#.

Google Drive