Recruitment Standard Operating Procedure

By Marie Ann Dominic Mallari


The Standard Operating Procedure has been written as a guideline of the recruitment and operations team in finding a new employee. The Hakkei requires that documents/SOPs submitted to them be version controlled. It is important and should be common expectations within the department that procedures must be in place to ensure the accountability, traceability, and consistency of these documents.

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe the standard procedures to be followed by the recruiter/s of Hakkei. The contents of the SOP should be reviewed regularly by Jonathan Lau and the text should be altered accordingly.


This procedure applies to all Hakkei Operations and Recruitment Team. Individuals will be trained and instructed on procedures, techniques, and equipment as his/her specific job requires. This procedure outlines the minimum requirements.


It is the responsibility of all Hakkei Operations and Recruitment Team to follow the procedures and guidelines outlined in this Standard Operating Procedure.


Recruitment Process

4.1. Go to Open Positions board and add a new item for “Open Positions”. Add the position you are looking for. 4.2. Hiring Manager needs to create an application form. You can duplicate the form or use this as a reference. 4.3. From Monday - Open Positions Board, move the item from “Open Positions” to “In Progress”. 4.4. Edit the red text in the template for posting. 4.5. Copy and paste the template in Upwork, or FB Public Groups, or any Developer Community Site, e.g. Position you are looking for Three JS Developer, check and join the community like Discord.

Check email/Application Folder to confirm if someone submitted their applications. If someone submitted their CV/Portfolio, go to Monday - Recruitment Process Board, add the applicant under “New Applicants”. Fill out the fields: Name, Position, Source, Profile(CV), sample works. 4.1.8. If Jon puts the applicant under “Approved” from Monday - Recruitment Process Board, confirm the availability of Jon. (If availability changes, change calendly working hours.) Calendy link: >Username: [email protected] >Password: rivenkeyboardco 4.1.9. If someone submitted an application, send the calendly link via email. (Email template). 4.1.10. If an appointment has been confirmed/created. Update the appointment information with Jon’s meeting link. (Copy and Paste this in the event and add Jonathan in guest - [email protected]): Topic: Jonathan Lau’s Personal Meeting Room Join Zoom Meeting: >Meeting ID: 868 249 9485 Passcode: 1FRpVX 4.1.11. Change the status from Monday - Recruitment Process Board to “Approved” to “Scheduled”. 4.1.12. Create a document of the Applicants’ information. (Sample) Format: Applicant #: Date/Time of Interview: Position: Applicant’s Name: Work Samples/Portfolio Link: 4.1.13. One hour before the interview, send the document created from (4.1.12) to Jon and remind them about the interview. 4.1.14. When Jon hires the candidate, update the successful candidate via email and send the Discord server link and contract. (More information in 4.2. Hiring Process). Update the other applicants and send this email template. 4.1.15. Change the status from Monday - Recruitment Process Board to “Scheduled” to “Hired”. And change the Open Positions board from “In Progress” to “Closed”.


4.2.1. Send the contract details and Non-Disclosure Agreement to the hired applicant through DocHub. Use the NDA document from DocHub (log-in using Hakkei Google Account). Send it to the hired applicant. 4.2.2. Once signed, download the document and put the document to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) drive folder. 4.2.3. Update the list of employees from the Internal Folder.