Riven Standard Overview


This document will provide a high-level feature of the Riven™️ keyboard.

Latest Changes

  • Simplifications
    • Removed 2.4Ghz dongle connectivity
    • Simplified on-board LEDs

Product Highlights

  • Self-determining mode of connectivity between BT LE wireless and serial wired protocols
  • Integrated sensors to conserve battery power by turning off LEDs when not in use
  • Onboard rotary dial for custom system controls
  • Customizable OEM profile key caps
  • Split mechanical detachable design without wires between the two halves
  • Keyboard configurator as a browser application
  • Supports slow-charging (500mAh USB port maximum) through USB-C ports when in use
  • Accelerated charging when USB-C connected to a power source
  • Supports most features in ZMK Firmware

User Manual

Dimensions of the left half for the Standard model.

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Market Considerations

Between the enthusiast market and the retail sector of keyboards, the two are differentiated by the design of the user experience.

There are two driving forces that dictate what features need to be delivered:

  1. Market competition
    1. There is no reason for our product to exist without features that differentiate the product from the rest
  2. Retail expectations
    1. The expectation for products to “just work” out of the box.

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