This document contains organization details, development guidelines, and processes we use in Github.

Table of Contents


All code is hosted in our Github organization.

You will need access into our Github organization to view the source code of this domain.

Asking for help

Please try and ask questions somewhere that is visible to other team memmbers. Questions are valuable and serve as an effective form of documentation.

Read How to ask for help for more information on where to post your questions.

Site Deployments

We use Netlify to deploy a number of projects. See Site Health for deployment information.


Please reach out to the org admin @jon on Slack for access permissions.

Owner Contact Information


Whenever possible, want to automate all software workflows in order to send important information to the right person. We have multiple projects to oversee with a limited number of available developers.

Github Actions

Github Actions are used to automate deploys of this website using Surge. Be sure to review them and apply them where necessary.


Github is enabled in our Slack channels using the Slack Github app. Use slash commands to enable Github interactivity.


Not implemented


Not implemented