Go to market strategy


  • Grow awareness of our products
  • Convert our audience into paying customers
  • Build repeat customers and loyalty
  • Bring choc switches and keycaps into mainstream popularity
  • Bring ergonomic keyboards into mainstream popularity


  • Professionals who are working from home
  • Gamers


  • Focus on a highly responsive website that looks fantastic both on a laptop and mobile.
  • Use language they’re familiar with to ‘speak’ with them on social media, ads and on your website.
  • Design a content strategy with advice, insights and easily digestible news for distribution on social media. Make sure the content is message matched with themes targeted at each audience archetype.
  • Identify the best times to communicate with your audience. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the best times to post online is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10AM and 12PM.
  • Use Twitter and Facebook as your primary social platforms and Discord and Twitch as supplementary platforms.
  • Use Google Adwords to target your audience when they’re most ready to ‘buy’.

Relevant information about marketing and sales iniatives: