Global Business Marketing

Our marketing and sales umbrella will be referred to as the Global Business Marketing team, or GBM. We aren’t global yet, but GBM rolls off the tongue better than BM team.


The objective of GBM is to gather user insight to design beautiful, meaningful and engaging communications and experiences for the Hakkei brand.

GBM is most effective when the joint efforts between UI/UX# and Webdev# teams are properly managed.


  • POC: Brand Ninja (Neva/Kay)
  • Slack: @The Brand Ninja & @kaysrevolution

Team Charter

    Marketing Channels-->>GBM: Signals
    Marketing Channels-->>SEO/Analytics: Collect Data
    Note right of GBM: Report findings
    loop Align Brand Messaging
        SEO/Analytics->>GBM: Report Data
    Note right of SEO/Analytics: Report findings
    SEO/Analytics->>UI/UX: Report Data
    UI/UX-->>Web Dev: Consolidate
    loop Align Brand Messaging
        Web Dev->>UI/UX: Delivery
    UI/UX-->>GBM: Consolidate

Go to market strategy

This note is a work in progress.

Read about the Go to market strategy#