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Hakkei is a Japanese word that means ‘release your power’. In a lot of ways, that word reflects the overall corporate philosophy: Imagine something big and bold, and then do everything humanly possible to achieve that vision. Leave everything out on the field, hold nothing back… there will be time to rest and reflect when that mental construct becomes physical reality.

This spirit is reflected in the fierce pursuit of Hakkei’s first physical product: The Riven keyboard. This split, mechanical, negative tilt, wireless ergonomic keyboard combines every ergonomic feature that modern science endorses. In order to provide users with the kind of flexibility they need to make the Riven a true masterpiece, a browser-based configurator can tweak and customize nearly every aspect of the keyboard. Later, it will become the beating heart of other products that Hakkei creates.

This vision is being realized by partnering with some of the best hardware manufacturers in the world. That partnership goes all the way down to the roots, entwining the corporate and to some degree financial futures of these companies. Everyone involved has skin in the game, which makes them quite motivated to make the Riven a big success.

Why make such a bold move? First of all, it’s part of the Hakkei philosophy to move forward with confidence, speed, and power. But just as importantly, nobody in this industry gets noticed without taking risks and making waves.

The Riven is the product that people need. It will reduce their pain. It will make them happier. It will empower them. Therefore it is Hakkei’s obligation to deliver their vision made manifest to the world, and to spread the word of this technological marvel far and wide.

Between the release of products, there is a brief period of reflection and brainstorming. Part of the Hakkei philosophy is regathering the energy spent on manifesting the last product so that the next one will be even better.

The future of Hakkei will revolve around the centralized configurator as a single point of call for all of the life-improving products that the company releases. New products should make use of what was learned from the feedback of the old products.

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